5 incredible gadgets you didn't know you need for your next vacation

By: Cynthia Ahedo | Published: 3/21/2022 | 5 Mins

Amazing ideas to have a hassle-free vacay!

Are you already planning your next vacation? Or maybe you’re just a shopaholic… Any excuse is great to check out these 5 incredible gadgets perfect for your next getaway!
Smartphone gimbal
Do it for the gram! If you want to get amazing videos of your trip, you definitely need a smartphone gimbal. It looks very professional, but is actually very easy to use. I recommend the DJI OM 4.
 It comes with an App to take advantage of all its functionalities. Once folded and locked, it is very compact. It also charges your cellphone while you use it! This comes in handy in long tours or activities when you want to capture all the experience without worrying about a dead phone.
Tlrt Pillow
This doesn’t look like your regular neck travel pillow, but trust us… The science behind this product assures you comfortable plane naps, even for those that never get to sleep during trips!
This product is more like a plush scarf that allows you to choose your ideal sleeping posture. Its ergonomic design, height adjustability, and built-in breathability have all been scientifically created. It’s very easy to carry due to its lightweight materials.
Sunblock Stickers -Spot my UV
Sun damage is a very serious problem. If you intend to spend all day enjoying the beach, you must know Sunscreen is crucial to preventing early aging and skin cancer. What most people don’t know is that you need to reapply for Sunscreen every 2 or 3 hours, depending on the intensity of the UV rays. These stickers are a great reminder, so you know when it’s necessary to reapply your sunblock lotion. Simply peel a spot from the backing paper and apply it to your upper arm. Pull the application tab away and apply Sunscreen as normal. As you do so, the purple sticker will turn clear, and when it’s time for more Sunscreen, the spot will go back to purple. 
Face mask fan 
This might sound like too much, but we have all felt short of breath after a couple of hours using a mask. This mini mask fan has 2 wind speed gears and  it promises to quickly cool down your face. It is very useful for long flights at airports where the mask is still mandatory. 
It is very comfortable for all kinds of masks, and it charges easily with a Micro USB cable.
Travel Listography
I believe that you experience every travel adventure three times: When you plan it, when you live it, and when you remember it. 
This is not a gadget by definition, but it will help you experience your vacation the most! Personally, I love to scrapbook and document important moments of my life, and my travels are no exception. 
This illustrated journal will serve as a unique and fascinating log for years to come. There are numerous lists to inspire future travel as well as to keep track of previous travel experiences. Because it is not a hardback, it does not add as much weight to your suitcase.
What else would you add to this list? Let me know your top picks for your next GlobeQuest Vacation in the comments! 
The opinion of the products described is exclusive to the author. GlobeQuest Travel Club does not sponsors or sells any of the products featured.

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