5 Benefits of Yoga you should be aware of!

By: Mario Ceballos | Published: 1/14/2022 | 4 Mins

Learn about this ancient tradition and practice it with GlobeQuest!

Yoga, the noble physical and spiritual discipline par excellence, can help you radically change your lifestyle while improving your physical and spiritual health.

This ancient practice is based on postures or asanas, breathing exercises, and meditation, which stimulate emotional and mental wisdom and other techniques that correct physical discomfort, help with chronic health problems, and even energy control techniques.

These asanas are body postures meant to affect both the body and the mind. The keys to practicing Yoga are slow movement, calm, mindful, guided breathing, and mental concentration in a state of alertness and receptivity to what is happening.

Without further ado, we will give you 5 surprising reasons to practice Yoga.

Time to reflect: Unlike other disciplines, Yoga requires more time and requires high concentration levels. In the attempts of relaxation, the human body and mind are aligned, which is when the magic happens. This technique is good for clearing the mind, letting thoughts come and go, and flowing freely. Still, the most essential thing is not to think too much about a thought, idea, or concept since this will distract our attention because we are concentrating on anything specific.

Pro-tip; how to meditate: As said before, meditation is a great way for producing a state of physical and mental calm, as well as impacting an increase in attention and concentration. Like many things in life, to achieve all these benefits and perks, you need dedication, and practice to keep getting better.

First of all, there's the posture. The lotus position is a cross-legged sitting meditation in which each foot is placed on the opposite thigh, and is one of the most popular and comfortable poses there are. The objective of the meditative position is to clearly “see” or think of all your ideas, worries, thoughts, fears, goals, dreams, etc.

Once you've found a comfortable position, begin counting from one to ten and allowing everything to flow through your mind while remaining entirely aware of what you're thinking.

But, what can you do if you have an idea while meditating? It's simple: you must have an anchor when you meditate. This anchor could be a physical part of your body, a totem, or a specific object that will bring you back to reality and keep you from focusing on a single idea or thought. One of the things I do when I meditate is used my nose as an anchor.

Whenever I try to concentrate on something specific, I remember that I cannot do so. Then I recall my nose and begin again.

Extra points for concentration: As I mentioned before, the asanas require your full attention, which is a particular challenge nowadays. We live surrounded by hundreds of stimuli that fight for seconds of our attention, keeping us from being mindful. From the first sessions, you'll notice how your mind begins to focus on specific things, allowing you to live a more present life. Yoga will enable you to train your attention span, making your day-to-day decision-making a faster and more conscious process.

Extends to a healthier lifestyle: Several benefits come along with the practice of Yoga. Once you start feeling better, being happier, and more conscious, you begin eating better, exercising more, and drinking more water. If you feel like taking Yoga principles outside the mat, you'll discover that the Yogi lifestyle is based on Yamas or vows that shape their actions in the pursuit of inner peace. Some of these actions include adopting a diet that minimizes products of animal origin, the search for spiritual knowledge, and the development of relationships based on the calm of the heart. A full and more satisfying lifestyle awaits you once you start doing Yoga.

A chance to connect with nature: It is very common to go out to practice Yoga in outdoor spaces. It can be your patio, favorite park, or a nature reserve near you. Yoga is the perfect excuse to reconnect with nature and breathe fresh air. Can you imagine practicing Yoga near the beach? Keep reading because GlobeQuest has a surprise for you.

Almost like a pill: It cannot be guaranteed that Yoga can replace classical medicine. However, postures, breathing exercises, and techniques can fix discomfort and favor chronic treatments. Many experts in the medical and psychological field have used Yoga as an alternative way to treat PTSD, anxiety, depression because it helps reduce cortisol levels, which in simple terms is the hormone responsible for the symptoms of stress in the human body.

It also improves the complete body's muscular, nervous, and circulatory systems. Studies have proven that Yoga's positive effect on patients can last for months in the treatment for lower back pain.


Benefits of Yoga | GlobeQuest Blog

Of course, when we talk about Yoga, we focus on the benefits it brings us, but did you know that there are more than a hundred different styles or "schools" of Yoga? And this can be confusing when choosing a style of training. I personally recommend starting with Iyengar yoga. This technique focuses on posture and the flow of energy. Iyengar yoga is excellent for beginners as it encourages the use of supportive accessories such as pillows, chairs, blocks, and blankets.

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