Los Cabos Art Walk, a Cultural Experience

By: Jesús Caporal | Published: 5/3/2021 | 3 Mins

Los Cabos Art Walk, find an artistic treasure just around the corner.

Each week from 5 to 9 pm, the cobbled streets of this beautiful old town get embellished with pecked paper, food stands, handicrafts vendors, and light decorations that welcome tourists and art lovers alike.

During this fascinating experience, the whole town comes alive after the sun has set, as restaurants set up outdoor tables to accommodate more patrons, art galleries invite pedestrians inside to showcase their artworks, and performance artists take the streets to do what they love the most.


This is the right opportunity to truly get immersed in the local culture and art, as you will find a plethora of inspiring creations made by talented Mexican artists and artisans, from stunning paintings to exhilarating sculptures, along with charming handicrafts and creative jewelry to take back home, unique glass pieces and ceramics, everyone will surely find an artistic treasure just around the corner.

Some of the most popular stops people love to see are Casa Dahlia Gallery, El Armario, Frank Arnold Gallery, Corsica Gallery, Intagrafia, La Dolce Art Gallery, La Sacristia, Patricia Mendoza Art Gallery, Pez Gordo, and many other places.



If you are interested in partying and having a good time in Los Cabos, the Art Walk also has inviting options for you, as you will be able to enjoy the traditional tequila and mezcal at the Art District bars, dance to the music played by local musicians, sing with mariachis, and even join the gleeful street performers on their spontaneous routines.

The Art Walk is definitely something you can’t miss on your next vacation in Los Cabos, and we will make sure you get there with complimentary transportation service for all of our GlobeQuest members! 



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