Top 5 Museums and Cultural Attractions in Cancun

By: Jesús Caporal | Published: 4/16/2021 | 5 Mins

Cultural Attractions in Cancun That You Can't Miss!

After you’re done visiting the stunning white-sand beaches, go partying at the best-rated nightclubs, doing exciting land and water activities, or exploring the nearby archaeological sites, what else can you do in Cancun? That’s one of the questions our tourists eventually ask themselves at some point, so today we bring you a handful of suggestions that you probably wouldn’t have considered before. Regardless if you’re into arts and history or not, we have a feeling that you will want to try at least one of our following recommendations, as this list has been meticulously created with all traveler profiles in mind. Here we present to you our top five Museums and Cultural Attractions in Cancun:


Mayan Museum of Cancun

One of the world’s most intriguing enigmas is the Mayan Civilization, as we have a very limited understanding of their lifestyle, traditions and science. Most of what we know comes from well-preserved codexes, archaeological vestiges, and from the stories passed down by generations of Mayan people who currently live in small towns in the Yucatan Peninsula and Central America. The Mayan Museum of Cancun is a modern museum that smartly exhibits hundreds of Mayan artifacts, including vases, stone sculptures, jewelry, ceremonial masks, and even bones! Through informative videos, exhibition labels, and its creatively designed walls, it provides interesting information about the Mayan history, culture, and their far-reaching empire. At the property, you will also find the small archaeological site of San Miguelito that was uncovered a few years ago, believed to be an ancient Mayan ceremonial site just like the other archaeological sites that have been found in the proximity over the decades. Location: Museo Maya de Cancun y Zona Arqueologica de San Miguelito, Blvd. Kukulcan km 16.5, Zona Hotelera, 77500.

Entrance of the Mayan Museum of Cancun and San Miguelito Archaeological Site

Tequila Museum

Tequila is a staple in Mexico’s cultural identity, a traditionally elaborated drink that is widely consumed not only in Mexico, but also enjoyed in many all parts of the world! If you’re a fan of this liquor, then the Sensory Museum of Tequila is a great opportunity to learn in great detail about the complex yet fascinating process of Tequila-making, from the Agave plant to the final bottled product. You will see an accurate replica of a traditional tequila distillery, the barrels where the extracted product was stored and a life-size diorama of the agave harvesting. You will also have the opportunity to purchase a varied selection of Tequila bottles and souvenirs, as well as take fun photos with the picturesque Catrinas while you wear traditional garments. Location: Hacienda Tequila Cancun at Kukulkan Plaza, Calle Rtno. Kukulcán 1991, Zona Hotelera, 77500.

Interior shot of the Sensory Museum of Tequila in Cancun

One of the tequila exhibits at the Sensory Museum of Tequila in Cancun

Ka'Yok' Planetarium

An enchanting attraction that children and adults alike will definitely adore. Cancun’s planetarium features interesting exhibits mainly related to space exploration, as well as nature, ecological conservation, Mayan Culture and so much more! The signature exhibit at Ka'Yok Planetarium' is a state-of-the-art 360° panoramic dome, which displays an always-changing presentation, so each time you come to visit again, you will come across a new experience. Next to the main building, there is the telescope room, which hosts an 18-inch telescope that is available to use during the day and on special occasions at night. At the VR Room, you will be able to go back in time or explore a different planet. You will even find an exhibit dedicated to the Water, a Mayan exhibit to learn about their math operations, and other myriads of exciting things. Location: Planetario de Cancun Ka'Yok'. Palenque s/n-Mz 5, 21, 77505.

360 Dome at Ka'Yok' Planetarium in Cancun

The 360 Dome attraction at Ka'Yok' Planetarium in Cancun


Cancun Underwater Museum

This is possibly one of the most interesting and popular cultural attractions in Cancun, as it’s a fantastic otherworldly experience that will allow you to immerse yourself in a mystical underwater realm. Cancun Underwater Museum has 3 different underwater galleries located throughout the Cancun area, each one of them featuring stunning sculptures created by extremely talented artists from all around the globe. You will be able to appreciate all the unique concepts that have been creatively crafted in stone, some more straightforward than others, but all of them are extremely impressive. Location: Museo Subacuatico de Arte - MUSA / Manchones (Isla Mujeres), Punta Nizuc (Cancun) and Punta Sam (Isla Mujeres Municipality).

Underwater gallery display at the Cancun Underwater Museum

One of the many art displays you will find at the Cancun Underwater Museum


Balance Cancun Gallery

Last but not least, if you want to visit a lovely place where you will find captivating pieces of art and discover a plethora of new fresh styles, then this little hidden gem might be a treasure worth finding! The Balance Cancun Gallery showcases a diverse collection of modern paintings, photographs, and other forms of art created by local and international artists, who have been heavily influenced by the Caribbean, nature and Mexico in general. Come visit with family or friends who will surely spot something that will delight their senses. Location: Galeria Balance Cancun at Caracol Plaza, Blvd. Kukulcan km 8.5 Planta alta Local 222, Caracol, Plaza, 77500. 

Exterior shot of Balance Cancun Gallery

Entrance of Balance Cancun Gallery, inside Plaza Caracol


We hope our selection will enrich your next vacations in Cancun and that you keep exploring the city to find new and exciting experiences!

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