All-Inclusive Resorts: Are They Really Worth It?

By: Andres Torres | Published: 1/29/2021 | 2 Mins

The convenience of an all-inclusive vacation is attractive for many travelers, but does it actually live up to the promise?

All-inclusive resorts are vacation properties in which everything from accommodations, dining, beverages and entertainment is included in the sale price. Those prepaid elements may differ from resort to resort, but the overall concept remains the same. Different properties may charge additional fees for premium drinks and/or certain activities, while others might include it within their package. 
So, are all-inclusive resorts worth it?
Personally, I’ve done quite a bit of traveling and my stays at all-inclusive resorts have been among my most memorable experiences. There’s something about knowing every aspect of your trip is taken care of that puts you in the ultimate state of relaxation. All you have to do is arrive at the resort and that’s where your responsibilities end. Granted, I do understand the appeal of exploring new places and going on adventures, but with the limited amount of vacation days I have every year, I’d much rather spend my time lying on a beautiful beach with a Cuban cigar, a tropical drink, and all my needs being catered to than trekking around a foreign country with a backpack and sleeping in hostels. 
That’s just me. 
Maybe you have an undying adventurous spirit and you want to use your vacation time getting your Indiana Jones on. Hey, if that’s your idea of a fun vacation, who am I to judge? In fact, these two seemingly diametrically opposed forms of vacationing don’t necessarily have to be mutually exclusive. Many all-inclusive resorts include packages with tons of exciting activities including snorkeling with sea lions, bungee jumping, ATV tours, and much more. That way, when you’re done swinging from a gondola 300 feet in the air at 140 km/hour, you can go back to your beautiful beachfront resort, eat and drink as much as you please and never have to pull out a wad of bills or a credit card. Sounds like a win / win to me. 
So, in conclusion, are all-inclusive resorts worth it? Put it this way, if you’re into beautiful settings, gourmet dining, unlimited drinks and desserts, poolside activities, getting all your needs catered to, and the convenience of having everything prepaid, then yes, all-inclusive resorts are definitely worth it. 

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