Los Cabos Clear Boat Tour, a unique way to discover the Sea of Cortez

By: Mario Ceballos | Published: 11/4/2021 | 3 Mins

Discover the underwater world of Los Cabos with the Clear Boat Tour

Did you know you can be delighted by the wonderful underwater landscape of Los Cabos and discover its great variety of fauna without getting wet? The bottom of the Sea of Cortez can be exciting and quite surprising. Still, if strong emotions and snorkeling are not for you, I have an excellent alternative that you have to try!

Would you like to discover the bottom of the sea of Los Cabos... but from the safety of a boat?

On my last visit to Cabo, I decided to try the Instagram famous Clear Boat tour with my friends. Keep reading because I'm going to tell you all about my experience in this incredible adventure.

Clearboat | GlobeQuest Blog
Photo credits: Juan Carlos Cantarell via YouTube.com

The innovative Glass-bottom boat is only available in a few destinations. At this moment, Los Cabos and Cancun are the only cities in Mexico to feature this attraction! My quest began at the Los Cabos Marina, where I came aboard a popular glass boat that stood out from the rest of the ships. The ship isn't made out of glass, but a special acrylic material, commonly known as plexiglass.

This is one of the most popular tours in Cabo right now, and it is offered from 9am to 6pm. I suggest you book in advance because the space is limited due to COVID-19 protocols. The tour staff was very friendly and helpful from the first moment; the Captain and the Local Tourist Guide made the trip a fun experience.

Clear Boat in front of the Land's End Arch in Los Cabos | GlobeQuest Blog
Photo credits: EnvaTours.com

You have to take off your shoes to board, but trust me, the feet' cool sensation is quite refreshing. It is also mandatory to wear the provided lifejacket throughout the entire activity. Depending on the ocean current, it'll be how fast you can get to one of the many reefs located around Los Cabos. To be honest, we were not in a rush to get there; the colors and clarity of the bottom of the ocean while the boat went through the water, were impressive. We certainly had not experienced anything like this before!

Our first stop was a reef located near Pelicans Beach. Here you can appreciate the Pelican Rock, the favorite spot for, yes, you guessed it, pelicans and sea lions to have lunch and rest. The next reef is in front of the world-famous Lovers Beach, a sandbar between the rock formations of the Los Cabos mountains.

As the boat stops, you will notice how numerous fishes of all possible sizes and colors begin to approach the ship. This particular experience is one of the many things that I enjoyed the most!

Swimming under a Clear Boat in Los Cabos | GlobeQuest Blog
Photo credits: EnvaTours.com

Crushed tortillas or bread crumbs are frequently used to attract the fish closer to the boat, so everyone on the ship can have the chance to feed the fauna of the Sea of Cortez's reefs with extreme ease.

Most of the people at my party did not want to get wet because we had a dinner reservation at a nice restaurant in Hilton in a couple of hours. So this was an excellent option to see tons of fish and stay in style.

After this small stop, the trip continues towards the Land's End Arch. I learned some fun facts from Jaime (our guide) while admiring this impressive natural rock formation from up close and taking endless pictures of it.

The last sighting was the Land's End Rock, the very last rock on this side of Mexico's coast, which divides the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. Whether it's your first or 100th visit, the Arch can make you feel chills as you get closer.

Depending on the currents and the tide, that will determine how close you can get to the Land End's Arch. On tours like this, sometimes you have the chance to visit one of the nearby beaches, such as Pelican Beach, Lovers Beach, or Divorce Beach.

Taking a dive from a Clear Boat in the Los Cabos bay | GlobeQuest Blog
Photo credits: EnvaTours.com

With an approximate duration of 45 minutes to 1 hour, this tour is a fantastic option if you are looking to admire the iconic Cabo scenery in the comfort of a boat. It is great if you don't have too much time, someone in your travel group doesn't swim, or just if you want to have the coolest pictures for the 'Gram.

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