Playa El Médano: Cabo's Most Popular Beach

By: Andres Torres | Published: 2/28/2020 | 4 Mins

Of all the swimmable beaches in Cabo San Lucas, Medano Beach is the most popular. Here is why.

Sitting on the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula in Mexico, nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, Cabo San Lucas is a preferred resort destination for tourists around the globe. While the region is known for its magnificent white sand beaches, it is important to note that many of them are not safe for swimmers due to the strong currents. Fortunately, there are several swimmable beaches in Los Cabos which are well marked, and one in particular stands out among the rest: Medano Beach.
Medano Beach is the most popular of all the swimmable beaches in Cabo San Lucas, and with good reason. Its close proximity to downtown Cabo San Lucas makes it a must-visit destination for travelers looking for a fun, lively place to swim and sunbathe. It is also the best place to participate in water-based activities such as kayaking, parasailing, jet skiing, and much more. In fact, many consider Medano Beach to be the primary tourist attraction in the area, particularly during Spring Break, when it becomes crowded with young party-goers.
Aside from the usual fun in the sun activities, Medano Beach also boasts an array of eateries for those who want to indulge in both local and international cuisines. For authentic Mexican dining, 12 Tribes at Casa Dorada is the perfect place to savor local flavors while taking in the beautiful oceanfront view. If you are more of a sushi person, Mio’s Raw Bar has the freshest selection of local seafood, with a stunning Sea of Cortez backdrop to boot. And, since you’ll likely need to satisfy your sweet tooth after a nice meal, Que Dulce! offers a great selection of tasty treats, from creative gelato flavors to a variety of coffee and other hot beverages.
The Medano Beach area is also home to a multitude of luxury, all-inclusive resorts, solidifying it as a central tourist hub in Los Cabos. One of the better known resorts in the vicinity is Casa Dorada Los Cabos Resort & Spa, a five-star property overlooking Medano Beach and the famous El Arco, located just a few minutes away from downtown Cabo San Lucas. Another popular resort is Casa Dorada San Lucas Bay, better known as ME Cabo. Its bold architecture and contemporary aesthetic is designed to attract a young, trendy crowd, who flock to this resort to party at the poolside beach club Blue Marlin Ibiza Los Cabos.
If you are looking for a beach town with a party atmosphere, great dining and world-class accommodations, Medano Beach is just the right fit for you. This is a great place to visit with friends and family, with no shortage of things to do at any given time. Remember to book your stay well in advance, as it is one of the most popular destinations in Cabo San Lucas. 

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