Top Mexican Drinks you should try!

By: Jesús Caporal | Published: 7/20/2022 | 6 Mins

Tequila and more Mexican drinks you have to know!

Hello there, Questers! Let me ask you a quick question before we present today's article. What specific drink comes to mind when you think of "Mexican Drinks"? If your answer was "Tequila," get ready because you're about to enter a new world of authentic Mexican drinks!


Tequila | GlobeQuest Blog Tequila shots with salt and lime

As I mentioned at the beginning, Tequila is a drink that most people are familiar with; however, did you know that its name comes from the town where it is prepared?

Tequila, Jalisco, is where this drink was originally conceived and where you can find seas of blue agave, the plant fermented to make this popular liquor. Here you can take tours to see the entire traditional Tequila-making process and taste the freshest samples.

Although numerous tequila brands are available worldwide, we recommend visiting the birthplace to see how it is made and trying different rare tequilas you probably didn't even know existed!


Mezcal | GlobeQuest Blog A shot of Mezcal with salt, chili powder, and slices of lime and orange

Mezcal is known as Tequila's cousin since it is made from a different kind of agave plant, giving it a stronger flavor and a distinct colorless hue, as opposed to Tequila's signature gold tint.

Its production is similar to Tequila's but features more traditional techniques to give the finished product a "smoked" flavor. Before being distilled in clay pots, the Mezcal is placed in a clay pit and covered with lava rocks, wood, and coal. This process also gives it a higher alcoholic grade.

Although this drink originated in southern Mexico, it is now widely available throughout the country. You can find it in most bars and restaurants, so make sure to order it next time you're at any of our Home Resorts!


Pulque | GlobeQuest Blog Pulque served in two traditionally-made clay cups

This traditional drink is also made from the agave plant, but it has a very dense consistency and milk-like color, unlike Tequila or Mezcal.

Pulque is a pre-Hispanic beverage made from fermented agave (or maguey) plant that was first prepared in central Mexico. It was a sacred drink before the arrival of the Conquistadors, but after the Spanish fell in love with its sour taste, they deemed it a delicacy, and it became popular among the rest of the population shortly afterward.

If you want to try this beverage, you should probably travel to the country's heart, such as Mexico City and its surroundings. Remember, you can take full advantage of your Worldwide Benefits to find the best hotel deals there!


Yolixpa | GlobeQuest Blog Two shots of Yolixpa

Another drink from Mexico's central region is the Yolixpa, which was originally created as a medicinal beverage that claimed to heal all kinds of respiratory illnesses and the heart, hence its Nahuatl name, "Yolixpa, which means "heart medicine."

This drink comes in a variety of colors, ranging from clear green to amber and yellow. It was originally prepared by indigenous healers using cane or panela spirit infused with a variety of medicinal herbs, including mint, sage, thyme, oregano, and spearmint, giving it a distinct fresh flavor.

Although commercial brands of Yolixpa are found online, I assure you nothing beats the traditionally prepared drink available in the state of Puebla!


Xtabentun | GlobeQuest Blog Two cups of Xtabentun

It is now time to travel to Mexico's south-eastern region, specifically the Yucatan Peninsula.

Here you'll find a Mayan drink with a special connection to the ancient legend of the Xtabay, as one of its main ingredients is the Xtabentun flower, which was said to grow from the mythical character's tomb.

Xtabentun is a sweet drink is made with fermented honey from local bees that feed on the Xtabentun flower and is mixed with anise or rum to produce a sweet taste with a slight gold tint. If you decide to try this drink, keep in mind that, despite its sweetness, it has a high alcoholic content!

You can find this the next time you visit Chichen Itza or Merida, and I recommend trying it straight up cold or with warm coffee if you prefer. My favorite way of drinking it is with a tablespoon of honey.


Paloma | GlobeQuest Blog An exquisite glass of Paloma

Due to its rich, acidic flavor and ease of preparation, our final cocktail is a favorite of most Mexicans. Just ask any of your friends living in Mexico what they think about the Paloma cocktail!

This traditional cocktail is made with Tequila, pomelo soda, and lime juice, served with a lime slice and salt on the rim of the glass (similar to a Margarita, but tastier). You can order this cocktail anywhere you go, as its ingredients are readily available throughout Mexico.

If you're going to a traditional Mexican party or celebration, expect to find it there!

So, now that you've discovered all these different types of drinks, you can start planning your next vacation to a Mexican destination of your choice to try them all. Who knows? Maybe you're a Pulque or a Paloma person, and you don't know it yet.

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