Trendy & tasty: 3 breakfasts in San Miguel de Allende

By: Mario Ceballos | Published: 2/28/2022 | 5 Mins

San Miguel de Allende and its food

You may know Guanajuato as one of the richest states in cultural and historical heritage. And right in the heart of Mexico, San Miguel de Allende is no exception.

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You also may know San Miguel as a trendy and fashion destination for its incredible and colorful architecture, or for the breathtaking Mexican gastronomy, and of course, the delicious local dishes. Yes, you guessed it right, we are gonna talk about food.

Start your day with the right foot! Here are 3 irresistible options you can have for breakfast in San Miguel de Allende:

La Wafflería de Allende

My top choice: Green Chilaquiles with bacon and shredded chicken + American coffee

La Wafflería OBVIOUSLY has waffles and many other great options, but I wanted something else…spicy and crunchy. So I choose Chilaquiles; it never fails. This restaurant has a little orchard on the back, so everything they prepare is made with their harvest ingredients.

Basically, they are fried tortillas cut into triangles. That’s the base of the dish. Green or red sauce is poured over crispy tortillas. The mixture is simmered until the tortilla begins to soften. Sometimes shredded chicken, different types of meats, or eggs are added to the mix. It is usually garnished with cream, crumbled fresh cheese, sliced onions, and slices of avocado.

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There's nothing like starting the day with a big plate of Chilaquiles with bacon and shredded chicken. This classic breakfast of the Mexican folklore will leave drooling if it's the first time you try it, and if it isn't… let me tell you that La Waffleria's Chilaquiles can even impress experts. They look something like this.???? BTW, what do you prefer, green or red salsa?

I also ordered a cup of coffee, and to my surprise, I discovered a deep-toned and lingering flavor, refreshing for a regular Americano. Tastier. Stronger. I took another sip and didn't come up with the reason behind that particular taste, so I asked. It turns out that they also make their own beverages! They toast it, brew it, and pour it in these mugs:

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The average ticket per person is $10 for a breakfast like mine, $20 if you want to include a sweet or salty waffle.


Suppose you are looking for a jewel of Mexican street food. In that case, there is a local snack called guacamaya, and it is the definition of simple ingredients which are delicious and spicy. It is made on a piece of bread cut in half, stuffed with pork rinds-chicharrón-, pico de gallo sauce, lots of lemon juice, avocado, and red hot sauce. It is served in a plastic bag because it is easier to eat.

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Disclaimer: IT WILL GET MESSY. You can find the guacamayas behind the Temple of San Francisco. The price was around $2.

This was a pleasant experience because it was a surprise even for me, as a Mexican. I didn't expect these kinds of flavors and textures. The name "guacamaya" comes from the bright colors of the scarlet macaw, a native species from Mexico and other Central American countries.

Zenteno Café

My top choice: Chilaquiles de barbacoa

I consider myself a chilaquiles taster, so I searched for different chilaquiles during my trip. Near downtown, you'll find Zenteno Bistro Café, a coffee shop full of plants all over the entrance.

Zenteno has the particularity of preparing all its dishes in an artisanal way, and all of its ingredients are organic, a full vegan menu, even homemade bakery. Turning it into an attractive option for breakfast or brunch.

I ordered Chilaquiles with barbacoa, a delicacy for all the senses, and you will wonder what barbacoa is. It usually refers to the process of slow cooking meats (sheep or goats) over an open fire or, more historically accurate, in an agave-covered hole in the ground. The result is juicy meat with a strong flavor.

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And like I mentioned before, chilaquiles can be mixed with different types of meats, so this cooking style is the perfect partner.

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You can expect to spend between $15 - $20 per person.

What do you think about these options? Definitely, San Miguel de Allende has a lot to give for foodies. Don't forget your GQ Membership allows you to book this and other destinations with a special discount. Let me know if you want to see part 2 of this article with romantic and delicious options for dinner.

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