Todos Santos: A desert haven in Baja California Sur

By: Jesús Caporal | Published: 2/25/2022 | 5 Mins

Everything you need to know about Todos Santos

Today, I'd like to talk to you about a little town I visited last year, which is an hour away from the city of Cabo San Lucas and overlooks the majestic Pacific Ocean.

Todos Santos is a blissful town that has a lot to offer for all travelers! Some see it as an attractive destination near Los Cabos due to its famous "Hotel California" and its pristine beaches, while others consider it a Bohemian oasis in the desert, and in short, you'll find out why.

Todos Santos | GlobeQuest Blog
Punta Lobos Beach in Todos Santos, Mexico


I suggest that you rent a car to admire the beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean, which contrast with the beautiful desert landscape that turns all green during the rainy months!

If you prefer to travel comfortably, private transportation services can take you in luxury vehicles. Call our Member Services department to arrange it!

Those departing from Cabo San Lucas need to take the northwest exit and head straight north for about an hour until arriving at the Todos Santos exit. You'll be on your way to this enchanting town!

And if you're in San José del Cabo, you can either take the Los Cabos toll road or follow the Los Cabos Tourist Corridor and then exit Cabos San Lucas. You'll get there in about an hour and a half.

Todos Santos | GlobeQuest Blog
Todos Santos historic center



The first thing I noticed when visiting the historic center of Todos Santos is its 18th and 19th century-style architecture. The first European settlers of the Baja California Sur state built these buildings centuries ago.

Right on the main avenue of Todos Santos, you will surely come across a hotel with a familiar-sounding name. Yeah, I'm talking about "Hotel California," which shares its name with that popular song from the 70s. Still, it ultimately is not the same location. Nonetheless, it's a pretty landmark in this enchanting town and has become a meeting point for many visitors.

If you're ready to go sightseeing, I recommend departing from the main square before sunset, overlooking the "Our Lady of Pilar" Mission Church. Everything I needed to see was fortunately set along the cobbled paths of the Centenario and Benito Juarez streets. Most of the charming buildings, Mexican arts and crafts stores, regional restaurants, traditional decor, and much more are found here!

Todos Santos | GlobeQuest Blog
"Hotel California" in Todos Santos, Mexico


If you're more of an ocean-kind of tourist like myself, Todos Santos has a wide selection of stunning near-virgin beaches to choose from. My personal favorite is "Punta Lobos Beach." On this serene, sandy beach, I admired some of the most awe-inspiring sunsets in Baja and the powerful crashing waves that carry the strong breeze of the Pacific Ocean.

Those who love surfing might want to take a trip to "Cerritos Beach," about 15 minutes south of Todos Santos. Due to its privileged location, this public beach is suitable for surfing on its small-sized waves and swimming!

Another picture-ready beach I absolutely loved on my visit is "Todos Santos Beach," which sits at the foot of a rocky hill and provides a scenic setting for a creative Instagram post.

Todos Santos | GlobeQuest Blog
Todos Santos Beach


Todos Santos has attracted many masters in painting, sculpture, and other disciplines in recent decades. These are some of the best galleries you might want to visit if you're interested in traditional, authentic Mexican art and history.

"Prof. Nestor Agundez Martinez Cultural Center." This gallery houses an impressive collection of paintings, murals, ornaments, old photographs, artifacts, and even a life-size replica of an indigenous village in its garden!
"Todos Santos Gallery" is one of the first spaces in town where local contemporary artists display their creations.
"Gabo Art Gallery" offers a colorful collection of fantastic paintings and sculptures.
"Galeria Militar" If you're more into fine art, you'll find a small yet highly-captivating space where you'll feel connected to the creations of local and international artists.
"Galeria Logan" features a large collection of art pieces by Jill Logan. This renowned artist, originally from California, moved here decades ago to share her unique vision of Mexico.

Todos Santos | GlobeQuest Blog
Todos Santos Gallery

Other attractions

Animal lovers will adore visiting "Tortugueros Las Playitas". Here I found a turtle farm dedicated to taking care of turtle eggs until they're ready to be set free in the ocean.

Another interesting and stunning attraction is the famous "El Mirador Ocean View Restaurant." It is located at the top of an ocean-front hill and offers breathtaking views, ideal for an intimate evening or simply to be enthralled by a never-ending display of beauty.

Those are just some of the best things that await you if you decide to visit Todos Santos shortly!

If you're all set to visit this wonderful town, contact one of our Member Services agents. They'll be able to provide you with all the necessary information to travel safely!

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