What to do in Los Cabos?

By: Mario Ceballos | Published: 10/14/2022 | 6 Mins

Discover what makes Los Cabos one of the best Mexican destinations!

Hello, Questers; it's Mario again! Today, I'll show you eight reasons you should visit Los Cabos if you are planning a Mexican vacation. This blog post explains why it is the best Mexican vacation spot in the world.


If you're looking for a Mexican vacation destination that has it all, look no further than Los Cabos. This beautiful place has something for everyone, from stunning beaches to exciting nightlife. Los Cabos, Mexico, is reinventing the travel experience for its visitors and residents, highlighting the culture and community that have contributed to a glorious past and an equally bright future.


But Los Cabos is more than just its natural beauty. Here are the top eight reasons Los Cabos is the best Mexican vacation spot.


The Weather Is Perfect

The weather in Los Cabos is ideal for those looking to escape the cold, with an average temperature of 21 °C and water temperatures averaging 26 °C. With over 300 days of sunshine, you'll get plenty of vitamin D while on vacation. The weather in Los Cabos is ideal for relaxing on the beach, exploring the outdoors, or going for a swim!


Los Cabos has a beautiful weather | GlobeQuest Blog Lovely weather in Los Cabos


There's Something for Everyone

Do you want to go on a relaxing beach vacation? You will have plenty of options in Los Cabos. Do you prefer something more active? Zip lining, hiking, and even swimming with dolphins are all options. It also hosts cultural events such as art galleries, museums, the famous Art Walk, and much more.


Los Cabos Activities | GlobeQuest Blog Activities you can do in Los Cabos


The Food Is Delicious

Everyone knows that the food is one of the best aspects of Mexico. In Los Cabos, you can eat everything from fresh seafood to traditional Mexican dishes, not to mention the margaritas and national beers!


Mexican gastronomy | GlobeQuest Blog Mexican food in Los Cabos


The Beaches

Los Cabos has some of Mexico's most beautiful beaches. It is the place to be if you want to relax on the sand or participate in water sports. There are also numerous beach bars and restaurants where you can sip a refreshing cocktail or snack while soaking up the sun.


A beach in Los Cabos | GlobeQuest Blog A beautiful beach in Los Cabos


The Nightlife

Los Cabos is the place for you if you want to let loose and have a good time! The nightlife in this city is electric, with plenty of bars, clubs, and restaurants to keep you entertained until the wee hours of the morning. There's something for everyone, so you won't be disappointed if you want to dance the night away or listen to live music.


Los Cabos's vibrant nightlife | GlobeQuest Blog Vibrant nightlife in Los Cabos


The Scenery

Los Cabos is a sight to behold, from its mountains and desert dunes to its pristine beaches. You'll discover that the desert meets the sea in a truly stunning setting.


Spectacular Sunsets

Los Cabos is well-known for its spectacular sunsets. Every evening, the skies explode with oranges, pinks, and purples, culminating in a brilliant red horizon. It's no surprise that this natural wonder is one of the top reasons to visit Los Cabos!


A typical sunset in Los Cabos | GlobeQuest Blog Los Cabos' spectacular sunset


World Class Golf Courses

You can find some of the best golf courses in the world in Los Cabos. The courses are mostly built on cliffs overlooking the Sea of Cortez, with breathtaking views. The layouts are challenging but fair, and the courses are always immaculate.


Golf in Los Cabos | GlobeQuest Blog One of many golf courses in Los Cabos


If you're looking for a world-class golfing experience and exquisite gastronomy, look no further than Los Cabos!

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