Whistler, a perfect Winter destination

By: Jesús Caporal | Published: 8/24/2021 | 8 Mins

Have your dream Winter Holiday in Whistler, Canada!

Whistler, a perfect Winter destination

One of my most treasured memories is when I visited Whistler for the very first time a few years ago.

Many people consider Whistler, Canada as the mecca for skiing and snowboarding in North America, as it sits conveniently at the feet of two important mountains that are beautifully adorned in white each winter, creating some of the best snow slopes in the world.

Due to its breathtaking landscape and quiet atmosphere, it is no wonder that it’s also an idyllic destination for a dream Winter holiday.

How to get to Whistler?

This small village is located about 2 hours north of Vancouver, so if you’re planning on visiting it soon, take into account that your first stop should be in Vancouver.

After you’re ready to go, you can choose to either drive there on your own, which I strongly recommend to admire the stunning scenery along the way or take either a bus or a private shuttle if you plan on resting your eyes a bit after a long trip.

Everywhere you look, you’ll see nothing but dense pine forests, as well as the greenest trees you’ll ever see right in front of the facades of all buildings here, which is something I really liked about my stay here.

What to do in Whistler?

Now that you’re here, and after you’ve checked in to your hotel or house rental, the first thing I suggest that you do is to start exploring the village right away, where you’ll instantly fall in love with its Alpine/European-style architecture.

What I remember doing on the first day was to take a stroll downtown to discover all the different restaurants and cafes, and then visit the boutiques that sell everything, from winter wear to souvenirs!

Another attraction is the Whistler Olympic Plaza, a centric park with a panoramic view of the mountains and downtown. It features green areas, a playground for the small ones, and a commemorative sculpture of the Olympic Rings from the 2010 Winter Olympics.

There is also the Whistler Museum, for those like me who want to know in-depth the story of the place they’re visiting. Here you’ll find a collection of photos and documents to discover the history of this peculiar place.

Whistler Gondolas

The following morning I woke up in this arctic paradise; the very first thing I did was to visit the Whistler Village Gondola and ride the modern gondola cart that takes you close to the peak of Whistler Mountain, which has an intimidating elevation of more than 7,100 ft!

Once at the Whistler Summit, you’ll find a wide variety of things to do, including skiing runs, bike trails, a chairlift, and even restaurants and a terrace with expansive views of the mountain peaks and the village. Here you will also find the Olympic Photo Platform, which is a mandatory spot to take a pic with the stunning scenery as a backdrop.

As soon as I arrived there, I grabbed a bite at the Roundhouse Lodge, a food court with several options and outdoor dining to enjoy the view! After that, there was an attraction that instantly caught my attention, a unique ride that takes you from Whistler Mountain to Blackcomb Mountain directly across the valley.

Peak2Peak is a wonderful experience and the longest gondola ride in the world, as the whole trajectory is nearly 3 miles at an altitude of almost 1,500 ft! At the summit of Blackcomb, you’ll come across a few restaurants and several ski runs, which are ideal for those who are more experienced and want to enjoy away from the majority of tourists.

Skiing in Whistler

Like I mentioned before, Whistler is the mecca for ski lovers, as its two-star mountains: Whistler and Blackcomb, feature some of the widest and tallest slopes during the winter.

I must admit I had zero experience in skiing when I visited here, but luckily for other tourists alike and me, some helpful instructors and guides will teach you how to become a modest skier in no time, practicing on the safest runs in Whistler Mountain.

Those who are more experienced will have the opportunity to take the more demanding and most exciting runs situated right at the other side of the mountain, or if they prefer, get to Blackcomb Mountain, which features an important number of daring runs.

Due to its proximity to nearby glaciers, one of the most popular stops at Blackcomb Mountain is the Blackcomb Glacier Cave, a solid ice cave that attracts skiers from all over the world thanks to its mesmerizing beauty. By far, this was both one of the most astonishing and most intimidating sites I’ve been to, as it made me think about what else could be hiding well beneath the snow!

Other activities in Whistler

Fear not if you decide to visit this destination in any other season of the year, as there are many other things to do even when snow is nowhere to be seen!

If you’re an avid golf player, I got great news for you, as you’ll have a handful of options in Whistler and its proximity as well. All golf courses here are absolutely amazing, as where else would you be able to practice your swing with such an inspiring landscape as a background?

Whistler is also known for its open-concept day spas, such as the Scandinave Spa Whistler, which has a system of relaxing Nordic-style pools, saunas, steam rooms, and everything you can think of. For sure one of the calmest places to sit back and enjoy the beautiful view.

Imagine you decide to visit Whistler during the Summer. In that case, you will be able to take advantage of various forest activities, including hiking, biking, and a zip line circuit to explore the dense forest as if you were flying through it!

And last but not least, in the proximity of Whistler, you’ll have the chance to participate in plenty of water activities in sites such as Lost Lake, which is a sweet spot for fishing, kayaking, and paddleboarding. It was a pleasant surprise for me during my second visit, as you can even find a small area that resembles a beach!

Whistler is undoubtedly a paradisiac destination that seems to be plucked from a fairytale, so I can’t wait to go back there one of these days!

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